Community projects

Project in North Yorkshire

In March 2019 I assisted with a project working with a group of children with special educational needs (SEN). Individual help is vital in these situations. The focus of the day was shadow puppets and the effects of light on colours, shapes and movement.

The children discovered how to use their own bodies to create shadow 'puppets'.



They created butterflies using coloured translucent plastic and suspended them on twigs



They created   coloured shapes and arranged them for the main screen. Each child wanted their own version to be projected.



Project in Kathmandu Nepal

In 2013 I painted a mural in the entrance of the 'Hope Centre' children's home in Kathmandu, Nepal. This was inspired by the lotus flower decoration found in Buddhist temples.

The location of the mural beside the main entrance is used for group photographs of the children with sponsors and volunteers.

We also organised a complete redecoration of the whole of the interior and involved all of the children. It was important that even the most severely disabled children contributed to their dormitory. At times there was more paint on the children than on the walls!

The children have a lovely attitude towards each other and everyone was keen to clean up ... it became an enjoyable and entertaining activity.

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