Colin graduated from Loughborough College in 1976 with a B.Ed. Hons and subsequently obtained an M.A. from Teeside University.  His studies in art began in Suffolk, including life drawing classes at Ipswich School of Art. Throughout his 30 years in education he also worked as a designer, illustrator and ran a small studio pottery in Derbyshire. He taught pottery to primary school children for over twenty years and led a community art project in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He is a versatile artist now working from his studio in Lockton, North Yorkshire, where he enjoys pushing the boundaries by experimenting with new ideas, methods and materials. Colin has exhibited work in New Zealand, Nepal, York, Leeds, Grimsby, North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. 

Colin is currently a resident artist with Forestry England at Dalby Forest. In his latest project in Dalby he is exploring the spiritual and cultural world of forests and, focusing on the stone maze, the myths, magic and legends associated with stone circles.

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