Hair Ice

On 23rd January 2021 the frosty conditions in our area were perfect for the formation of a rare feature known as ‘hair ice’.  It forms where the presence of a particular fungus in rotting wood produces thin strands of ice which resemble hair or candy floss. One of natures ‘miracles’ that never cease to amaze. Here for the briefest of moments which need to be treasured.

This photograph was selected to be part of the 'In the Open' exhibition  held at the Ryedale Folk Museum Gallery in September 2021.

Hair Ice - Lockton North Yorkshire
Hover flies on a poppy

Lockton Cricket team

Colin has been supporting his local cricket team by taking action shots at matches. He was particulalry pleased to have one of them selected for publication in his local newspaper the 'Gazette and Herald'. 

Photography from Colin's travels

Oslo Sweden
Pâtisserie in Vienna ... Mmmm!
Rock Hopper penguin - Falkland Islands
Abandoned boat - Grytviken South Georgia
Phallus Fungi - Stinkhorn (Hardwick Hall)
Fritillaria meleagris - Yorkshire
Mayan - Stucco Portrait Head - Mexico
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